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Earn an additional revenue stream, Copy our Fund managers trades to your account automatically and receive the same profits or losses.With trading being more accessible but time and knowledge being limited, being fully committed to the markets and making a jump to becoming a full time trader can be increasingly difficult.

Copy our winning trades

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bespokely setup for you.

who our outkast

Over the years, Although being led up by Lawrence P, outkast has never been just a one man team. Originally starting as a pure analysis company, Outkast provided analysis for several major forex and analytic companies before moving into direct services. With inhouse capital we have been able to successfully trade profitably and run for 5 years now. Our Head Trader & Founder Lawrence Pritcher started this community after teaching his parents how to trade, who now trade profitably from the comfort of their home. After working and building a trading community, Lawrence built a team of analysts and traders to manage capital inorder to build Outkast. The idea… If his mother and father could live from his strategy why couldn’t everyone else. Outkast now thrives with Major bases in the UK and Kenya with our community now made up of 1100 Outkast Members. Our mission is to make institutional trading simple and accessible, allowing you create additional revenue streams and develop your skills.

Our Membership Gives access to accurate chart analysis and alerts, with a success rate upwards of 80% and a proven track record. Sometimes this isn’t enough when individual errors are involved …… This is why we have created AUTOMATED. For those that wish to generate an additional revenue stream without the hassle or are simply in the beginning stages and wish to learn. Everyone can still reap the rewards and benefits of trading the financial markets. We allow you to copy our analysis and position direction on your account and receive the same modifications and PnL.

Transparency is key….. We give unprecedented access to all of our own ideas, analysis and trades of our fund to our community. We have our own capital and we are dedicated to the evolution and life of forex trading, which is why we allow YOU to copy what we profit from every month.

how to use automated

  • Many members join up and ask us how to use our services to get the best experience for themselves. Truth is every experience is different and requires a bespoke setup.
  • Early stages of learning but still want to profit from trading
  • No interest in trading, but wish to have an additional income stream
  • Learn and Earn, Study the analysis given in correlation to the trades and gain insight while receiving the same PNL
  • Trade support, Some traders aren’t confident so place very little trades. You are able to still place trades and manage the trades copied over. Close and modify according to your judgment and still participate without the pressure
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Trader solution for common problems

  • Missed the trade alert / Never miss a trade again as all trades are copied instantly
  • Late entry / Results improve as you will also get pinpoint entry directly exactly the same as Outkast
  • Risk management / Live trade modifications on all positions when copied over.
  • Costs / We don’t manage your capital, so there’s no reason for a management fee, you are free to withdraw whenever you like and add or modify trades to your specification.
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  • Low entery

  • Start from $300

  • Cost Efficient

  • We dont charge management fees, only a subscription to be a part of our community

  • Accurate

  • Direct entries exactly the same as our Head Traders

  • time

  • Never miss a trade because of work or sleep, stay connected

  • Transport

  • Your linked direct to our company accounts, you can trust were always managing risk efficiently on our trades.

  • Smooth Journey

  • Ample support and information to our members through our mentors who are here to ensure a smooth journey

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Tips & Tricks

How to Learn and Earn with AUTOMATED

  • step 1

    Receive Trade copied from Head Trader onto your account

  • step 2

    Go into Analysis group on Telegram for VIP members

  • step 3

    Find analysis for the trade you are looking at

  • step 4

    Look at the charts and rationale to understand our view, chart analysis and reasoning for this trade

  • step 5

    Start a journal and record market structures and patterns